Our Story


tl-img-01The Company Soyez Freres SA, a family firm founded in 1832 in the Paris area, is currently headed by Mr. Gerard Soyez, the founder’s great grandson.

The beginnings


Originally it was specialised in the treatment of feathers for the fashion world, bedding, brushes, sport (badminton shuttlecocks) and catering (goose feather toothpicks).



In the 1920s it extended its activity to include drinking straws.


In 1958 the company moved to Donzy, in central France, its present location.


Straw production has constantly expanded and, with the disappearance of the feather department, the company has focused its activity solely on plastic extrusion.



Over the years new products have been added to enrich the range, for instance Plastics Napkins for cheese maturing and shelf presentation.
The company now ranks number 1 on the European straw market and has the firm intention of preserving the fundamental values that have enabled its expansion.


Currently, the major names in fast food (using straight and flexible straws) and the main drink manufacturers in the fruit juice and diary products sectors (using straight or “U” straws for automated bricks application) are among the company’s customers.

Major investments have been made over recent years, in particular in new technologies to ensure the company’s continued competitiveness and high performance.
The company has expanded its production tool each year and today manufactures more than 5 billion straws, of which more than 60% are exported.